Champagne Brunch

Well, it's been wonderful, but it's not over yet!

The wonderful flight you just had is only half of our special morning together. After landing, we come back to the airport, get your vehicle and head over to Kendall-Jackson Winery for a one of a kind gourmet brunch.

All the other operations take their riders to local cafés, instead we provide a personalized fare that includes: warm hand-crafted quiche; strawberries hand-dipped in chocolate; fresh fruit; local cheeses; our famous low calorie coffee cake (just kidding about the low calorie part), creamy spreads; nuts; wheat crackers; coffee, etc.

The brunch is served on beautiful hand-painted plates with pictures of our balloons on them. Champagne and juice are poured in our logo stemware and a toast is made to all the new aeronauts.

We also give each rider a personalized flight certificate with their name on it. No one comes close to offering such a personalized, unique end to our time together.

After November, our menu may change.