Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do you meet?

A. Meeting time is about a half and hour before posted sunrise. From 5:30 am to 7:30 am depending on the season. Ballooning is always a morning activity.

Q. Where do you meet?

A. The Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa, CA.
See our Contact page for details.

Q. How high do you go?

A. Everyday is a bit different. The winds travel at different directions at different altitudes. This is how we steer the balloons around.

Q. How long is the flight?

A. The ride is an hour or more. With the flight and brunch, total time together is about four to five-ish hours.

Q. I am afraid of heights? Is it scary?

A. Me too. There is no sensation of height as there is no connection to the ground. You have to see it to believe it. A balloon ride is one of the most relaxing things you'll ever do. Also, we are proud of our 100% safety record.

Q. How many people are in the basket?

A. We have three balloons. One carries six, one carries eight to nine and one carries 12-14. We are also wheelchair accessible. We need a minimum of six people to open the day for flying. If the minimum is not met, we will reschedule if possible.

Q. What if the weather makes flying not possible?

A. If you have a back up day, and we have room, we can accommodate you. We do not take any deposit money up front. We secure the date with a credit card number, but do not charge till after the flight. Easier not to give your money back if we do not take it in the first place.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. A 48 hour notice or more is ok. 24 hours or less, for any reason, is a 100% charge.