Wheelchair Accessible Balloon Rides

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In Spring 2011, Up & Away Ballooning became the first hot air balloon operator in the United States to offer wheelchair adventurers the opportunity to soar above the magnificent hills and vineyards of the Sonoma County Wine County. The Pegasus Project’s specially-designed and crafted passenger basket makes it possible for wheelchair users, to break the bounds and float away on the gentle winds.

The special basket with a lowered rail, easy access ramp and window makes it possible for the seated passenger to enjoy more than180-degree visibility. The basket is only the fourth of its kind in the world. Others fly in Austria, England and Italy.

Call for further details, certain restrictions apply. Very limited availability; we only offer one flight per day, weather dependant.

Hi Mike & Patty

“I wanted to tell you I had a fantastic time yesterday!! Being stuck in a chair and having the opportunity to be taken out of my element and fly around was great. Again, thank you for your vision and fortitude as a business owner to step out and recognize a great way for seniors and people with disabilities to have a grand recreational experience. I wish more people had your approach of breaking down attitudes, stereotypes and biases related to disabled individuals. You defiantly are a person that looks at someone “like me” and not through them!!”

Have a great day my friend,