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Looking for activities in Sonoma to do after your Hot Air Balloon Ride? Checkout our blog for tips on planning your visit to Sonoma County, fun activities, things to do in wine country and more!

Hot Air Balloon Trips Near Me

Reasons to Visit Napa Valley and Sonoma County

The Napa Valley and Sonoma County wine countries are some of the most beautiful regions in California. Read about a few of the top reasons why we feel you should visit Napa Valley and Sonoma County for your next vacation including of course a Sonoma hot air balloon ride...... READ MORE

Posted - 1/16/2020
Hot Air Balloon Trips Near Me

Why You Should Visit Napa and Sonoma Valley in Winter

The holiday season is a wonderful reminder to pause and spend some quality time with those who you hold near and dear. In a world that can be overwhelmed with commodities, we often forget that experiences are what truly makes the holiday season memorable..... READ MORE

Posted - 12/12/2019
Hot Air Balloon Trips Near Me

Things to Do in Sonoma County

Sonoma County may be widely known as a luxury destination, notoriously famous for its wine-making areas, but if you thought this was the only element that this county in California has to offer, you’re in for a surprise. There is a lot more you might not know about the place, such as enjoying hot air ballooning in Sonoma County. The good news is that this only makes the entire journey even more interesting and exhilarating..... READ MORE

Posted - 11/19/2019