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Private Flight for 2

Enjoy the intimacy of an exclusive balloon flight for just you and your special guest. Our exclusive flights for two passengers are ideal for marriage proposals, anniversaries, special occasions or just as a special treat for you and your guest. Enjoy an approximately one hour flight with just you, your guest and your pilot. Your ballooning adventure concludes with a delicious breakfast and a glass of sparkling wine to toast your special occasion.

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Chartered Flights

Make Up & Away Ballooning and the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country your first choice for an unforgettable group ballooning expedition. Whether it’s for family, friends or a company team-building excursion, an early morning adventure gracefully drifting above it all is sure to be a memory all will cherish. This is a perfect option for small elopements/weddings as well as private group adventures. Flight include our standard post-flight breakfast but can be altered to suit your needs. Large groups can easily be flown with multiple balloons.

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Hotel Packages

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Balloons, Bikes & Brews!

Celebrate the glorious views and experience the storybook beauty of the Sonoma Valley by soaring above it all with Up & Away Ballooning and then enjoy cycling on beautiful easy riding, trails and country roads in Sonoma county while visiting world renowned Breweries with an expert guide. After starting your day with our Standard Balloon flight package your escapade will continue with Ace It Bike Tours, Bike & Brews guided tour. You will traverse Sonoma County on high quality hybrid bikes over easy terrain to local breweries all while learning about the history of brewing & sipping the finest local craft brews. Your 14 mile round trip bike tour includes: Hybrid Bike, helmet, lock, water bottle cage, handle bar bag and rear insulated bag for personal items, etc, sampler of 4 craft beers @ first stop, and a photo collage to commemorate your venture.

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$353 Per Person